Fire Safety Training

Professional Fire Training can save lives.

That’s why Tower Fire Group is proud to offer the highest quality Fire Training in the UK.
We’ve helped keep people safe through expert Fire Training for a long time and we can do the same for you and your staff.

Fire Awareness Training

Unmatched Fire Training Experience

In order to satisfy the legal requirements for training, staff need to have an understanding of the fire risks to which they may be exposed and know what to do in the event of a fire so that fire safety procedures can be applied effectively. This requirement applies to all staff irrespective of their seniority or professional discipline.

Experience matters! Your staff are in the the hands of the most experienced of fire safety experts. Our team has more than 30 years of fire service experience and all of our trainers are active or retired professional firefighters.


Fire Warden Training

To empower fire wardens the knowledge and skills they need to appropriately manage a fire incident in
the workplace. We ensure our training is fit for the purpose of your organisation and customized to meet your specific needs. Trust us with your Fire Training and we’ll conduct a tailor-made educational experience your staff will never forget.


Care Specific Training Scenarios

We’ll guarantee to put your staff through their paces with real life fire training scenarios unlike any other in the country. Our training includes smoke machines, dummies and repeat historic fire events to make the experience as ‘real’ and as enjoyable as possible.

• How to read the fire alarm panel where required.
• Realistic practical exercises to test policy & procedures.
• Understand the relevant Legislation, common causes of fire and the chemistry of fire.
• Make staff aware of different rescue techniques, how to remove the person most at risk & how to
operate on-site evacuation aids.
• Understand the meaning of progressive horizontal evacuation & evacuation of a protected zone.
• How to assist the fire service on their arrival.
• Have a theoretical and practical understanding of the correct fire extinguisher to use.


Schedule Fire Training from Tower Fire Group Group
Do you have a burning desire to ensure the highest levels of fire safety for you staff and building? Tower Fire Group can provide the fire training your organisation requires. Contact us today on 0845 51 91 883 to discuss your requirements or to schedule a training session. Don't put Fire Safety on the back burner. There's too much at stake. Ensure the safety of your staff and building.