Fire Retarding

We fire-retard items on site anywhere in the UK or in-house

You can prevent fire and protect important items by applying a fire retardant spray or paint to many many items at your organisation.

Our team of specialised fire retardant specialists provide a complete solution to visit your premises and apply only the highest standard of fire retardant sprays or paint with causing you disruption or down time.

You can depend on our team to only use the appropriate equipment and comply with relevant health and safety regulations.


We have experience of application to items such as:

  • Curtains/drapes and blinds
  • Stage props
  • Chairs, settees and stools
  • Bedding/beds/divans/caravan interiors
  • Carpets/rugs
  • Vehicle and bus interiors/caravan interiors
  • Aircraft seating and carpets
  • Lighting and special effects for theatre and stores
  • Tapestries and wall hangings
  • Banners and signs
  • Hay and straw internal scenery for seating
  • Sheds and garages
  • Timber cladding/ Decking
  • Seasonal decorations – Santa’s grotto / Christmas trees / various trimmings
  • Log cabins/marquees and tents
  • Hessian decorative ceilings/wallpapers and wall coverings
  • Staircase/Stairwells
  • Timber/MDF floorboards and whey rock boards
  • Events – weddings/music festivals
  • & many more please dont hesitate to ask


Prevent a fire at your orgainsation before it's to late
You can arrange a free no obligation quote by one of our fire retardant specialists by calling 0845 51 91 883 or get in touch here.