The lives of your staff, customers or guests should be the highest priority for any organisation.

If  the people in your organisation are important to you then having the very highest level of fire safety can be achieved with Tower Fire Groups gold standard services and products.

Tower Fire Group work with large businesses and organisations throughout the UK and provide them with fire safety solutions that are tailor made and fit for purpose.


We won’t let you down

Think of us as your businesses partners. Fire, safety and business is very unpredictable and we’re always here as a fire safe guard to ensure those unfortunate matters don’t arise and if they do – we’ll be at your service immediately.

We’re always there when you need us

We understand and cater for the high demands and requirements that could potentially be put in front of us by any large organisation. Our company values and our integrity is important to us at all times and we promise to be there for you when you need us.



Let's talk
Do you have a burning desire to ensure the highest levels of fire safety for your organisation. Contact us today on 0845 51 91 883 to discuss your requirements or to schedule a training session. Don't put Fire Safety on the back burner. There's too much at stake. Ensure the safety of your staff and building.