Comfort Care Home

We provided Comfort Care Home with a bespoke fire training solution that's has actually saved people lives


We were contacted by the Area Manager for Comfort Care Homes who own 10 properties employing hundreds of staff, we were asked to provide training for their staff because they had become bored by the current training. It was monotonous, repetitive and staff had lost interest. The manager was concerned that in the event of a real fire situation, staff may not react with the urgency required. Fire safety officers had also been doing unannounced visits at care homes in their area at the time and she was concerned her staff were under trained.


Tower Fire Group provided bespoke, tailor made training for clients. We have also made a training DVD showing you exactly what is expected from your role and how to perform that role in an emergency situation, ensuring the staff in the Care Sector are able to meet their ‘Duty of Care’ for the residents  and react in the correct manner. We introduced

  • Life like dummies.
  • Smoke Machines.
  • Realistic scenarios.
  • Made staff read and react to their fire alarm panel.
  • Made it enjoyable!

The above enabled us to remove the boredom and monotony.

It also undoubtedly saved a resident’s life due the quick reactions of trained staff when they were unlucky enough to have a fire in a residents bedroom a matter of weeks after our training.

Fire Officers had nothing but praise and admiration for the home and its staff, for their actions in that pressurised crisis situation.

"Tower Fire Training was the best training we ever had. The training provided has actually saved peoples live."

Arleen Testa, Care Home Manager

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