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Vale of Glamorgan Council

75 Metal Extinguishers were replaced with 39 Low Maintenance P50 Fire Extinguishers at Vale of Glamorgan Council offices in Barry. Changing over from the Metal to the P50 Extinguisher will be the smartest move your company can make.  

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Sears Healthcare

Once again, another home has changed over from the prehistoric Metal Fire Extinguishers onto the P50 Fire Extinguisher. This time it was for Sears Healthcare at their home Muscliff Care Home in Bournemouth.

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Caron Group

The proof is in the pictures. By installing the P50 Fire Extinguishers you are not only reducing the number of Metal Extinguishers but you are also saving yourselves massive amounts of money. Caron Group are currently changing all of their homes over to the P50 and will begin to see the benefits instantly.    

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Hallmark Care Homes

Perfect way to finish a busy week with a successful P50 Fire Extinguisher install at Hallmark Care Homes new home Hutton View Care Home. Just by installing the P50 you will save vast amounts of money whilst increasing your protection.  

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Radisson Blu – P50 Install

Fantastic start to 2020, installing the P50 Fire Extinguisher in the Radisson Blu in Cardiff today. Reducing the number of Fire Extinguishers by almost 50% and at the same time increasing the fire cover within the hotel. Win win for all. Big thanks to Daniela and Mustaffa for their assistance.