Tower Fire Group are the UK's leading fire training and safety specialists

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Tailor made fire safety solutions

We ensure what we provide for your organisation is fit for purpose and customized to meet your specific needs. We understand that no business or industry is the same so we make sure your buildings, staff, customers or guests have the right safety solution to ensure their safety first and foremost.


Fire solutions by fire people

No one in the industry does fire safety better than Tower Fire Group. That’s because all of our trainers and consultants are active or retired professional firefighters. When they aren’t providing unforgettable hands-on services for our clients they’re in the field saving lives.


Gold Standard Service

Saving lives is incredibly important to us and any organisation needs top quality fire safety solutions to ensure this. Our experience ensures your staff receives gold standard actionable safety service and products that can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency.


Integrity and honesty

We’ve earned a reputation for honesty and integrity by providing a level of training, products and service that is unmatched in the industry. Our clients stay with us! They know that we only provide them with services that their organisation actually require and never over sell useless products or services.